[aur-dev] Removing category field from AUR.

Chris Giles chris.g.27 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 05:46:42 EDT 2009

Hi Guys

I only just joined this mailing list and I'm not sure that I can opt to
receive past threads.  Let's hope the server knows what to do with this
email, which is a reply to earlier ones with the same subject.

Loui Chang wrote:
In light of recent discussions I've been thinking of removing the category
> data from AUR.

I agree completely: the 'category' feature is a major pain in the arse, as
there aren't enough of them and I dislike being stalled by something so
unessential when updating a package.

Sebastian Nowicki wrote:
A much better alternative is to use a tag style system. The tags would be
> defined by the PKGBUILD, so it's much more flexible, and a single package
> can have multiple tags. I changed categories to tags in AUR2.

This is a great idea, but perhaps make it optional for PKGBUILDs.  If each
must have at least one tag, rebellious package maintainers might add a line
like: tags=('screw-tags').


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