[aur-dev] FS#15043: patch for part 3 - package licenses link to Arch Wiki pages

Loui Chang louipc.ist at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 08:02:44 EDT 2009

On Sun 16 Aug 2009 15:41 +0800, Gergely Imreh wrote:
> +    $common_licenses = array('APACHE', 'CCPL:by', 'CCPL:by-nc', \\
> +        'CCPL:by-nc-nd', 'CCPL:by-nc-sa', 'CCPL:by-nd', 'CCPL:by-sa', \\
> +        'CDDL', 'CPL', 'EPL', 'FDL', 'FDL1.2', 'FDL1.3', 'GPL', 'GPL2', \\
> +        'GPL3', 'LGPL', 'LGPL2.1', 'LGPL3', 'LPPL', 'MPL', 'PHP', 'PSF', \\

I'm not sure why you have the \\ here, but those cause errors for me.

I was thinking that it might make sense to include those licenses in the
AUR repo rather than linking to an external site. Any opinion there?

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