[aur-dev] Sort votes by descending date.

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed Dec 16 18:07:48 EST 2009


I wasn't sure if it would be more appropriate to send this to this list
where the AUR devs are likely to see it, or to AUR-general where the
people most affected are likely to see it.

The TU section of the AUR displays 6 votes per page sorted in ascending
order by date. It would make more sense to sort them descending by date
so that the most recent votes are the first to be seen instead of votes
that are nearly 2 years old.

Votes may be few and far between, but this is a recurring annoyance
that should be very easy to fix.



p.s. I can call a vote on this issue to see what the others think, if
you like. :P

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