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Andrei Thorp garoth at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 09:43:12 EDT 2009

Hello there!

Today, I'd like to be all complainy about the AUR search feature. I
haven't really looked around, but are there plans to improve it? Or is
the solution just "use google with site://"?

It seems to be kind of bad at finding stuff. Some examples:
 - Can't search by description (well, it does search by description by
   default, but it's not in the advanced options anywhere)
 - Can't really do any decent multi-word searches afaik. To take an
   example from the other argument thread, try searching for "java
   gstreamer". It finds neither gstreamer-java nor java-gstreamer. It
   actually finds nothing at all.
 - Similarly, wildcards seem to not work. "java*gstreamer" has no results.
 - It seems to not even do exact matches first. For example, search for
   my package, "sup". There is a package in AUR that's exactly named
   "sup", but if you search for that, you get 658 results, sorted
 - Which reminds me, what about sorting by relevance somehow? Perhaps
   sort by a weighting of votes, age, downloads, etc.

I'm sorry if I'm bringing this up as someone's already writing
improvements for AUR and this is just a waste of time :)

Anyway, thanks!

Note: This is a forward of an e-mail that I sent to Arch-General previously.
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