[aur-dev] [PATCH] Updated README for local AUR installation

Loui Chang louipc.ist at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 15:17:23 EST 2010

On Tue 16 Feb 2010 08:20 -0800, Thayer Williams wrote:
> I've updated the web/README to make the instructions a bit clearer on
> setting up a test environment of the AUR.
> Also, I plan to submit several patches for HTML/template updates over
> the next couple of weeks so please let me know if this patch format is
> not correct.

The patch format is fine.

The problem with the patch itself is that you're changing things that
don't need to be changed. There's a lot of unnecessary reformatting.
Seems like you prefer a wider text width.

People needing help on setting up an AUR development environment should
probably be sending mail to aur-dev only, not aur-general.

Please try to keep unnecessary changes to a minimum.
Thank you for looking into the code and trying to improve the AUR.

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