[aur-dev] Displaying stats from pkgstats

Jeremiah Dodds jeremiah.dodds at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 10:42:42 EDT 2010

2010/10/3 Ng Oon-Ee <ngoonee at gmail.com>
> If one of the key characteristics of Arch is that "Arch is what you make
> it" doesn't pkgstats make a sort of 'oh, lots of people are using that,
> maybe I should to' culture prevalent?

To be fair, a lot of times if a lot of people are using some software you
haven't heard of, it's worth checking out. For instance, I only know about
guvcview because it had a lot of votes on the AUR, and I was looking for
something that would capture video correctly from my Thinkpad T410's
integrated camera.

I guess it _could_ promote a culture of not thinking about why you're
installing a package, but frankly the type of people who do that generally
don't get to the point where they're installing PKGBUILDS, in my

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