[aur-dev] some patches to gendummydata (take 2)

elij elij.mx at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 02:57:45 EDT 2011

Updated patchset to take comments and criticisms into account.

- tabs to spaces is now its own patch, with appropriate commit message
- removal of DBUG variable
- removal of straggling 're' module import
- removal of 'working...' log messages (collapsed later patch into earlier)
- broke 'wrap sql' patch into its own


Some patches for gendummydata script.
- remove need for sql connection. this allows someone to run the script
  on a dev box with no sql connection (for example) and then ship the output
  sql wherever needed.
- remove need to have category names. only the actual numbers are needed, and
  if you are using dummy data, you are likely using the base schema. even if
  that is not the case, as long as the base number of categories _at least_
  are present, the dummy data is still 'fine' (eg. if more categories are 
  added, then no dummy packages will just use those categories until the 
  counter in the script is incremented)
- use logging module
- remove 'progress' logging output. the script doesn't run slow enough to
  warrant the extra noise
- use spaces in the python script. spaces in python are _a damn good idea_

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