[aur-dev] Testing patches introducing database layout changes

Lukas Fleischer archlinux at cryptocrack.de
Tue Apr 12 10:00:49 EDT 2011

Hi, folks!

Just as a recommendation to (regular) contributors: Any patches changing
the database layout or the way information is stored in the database
should be tested by rebuilding and reloading dummy data into the
database in addition to usual testing before submitting them to aur-dev:

$ cd support/schema/
$ ./gendummydata.py dummy-data.sql && ./reloadtestdb.sh

This way, we can ensure that the patch does neither break the schema
file nor the dummy data generation script. Maybe we could also make
"./gendummydata.py" a bit more modular and run a slimmed down version to
avoid delays here.

I came up with this cause I just pushed two patches fixing regressions
in "aur-schema.sql" and "gendummydata.py" once again. Please don't get
the wrong end of the stick: This is no accusation but a simple
proposition to improve our workflow. Affected patches are broken because
those changes are hard to spot by just skimming through the source code
and because I forgot to do these tests before signing off and pushing.

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