[aur-dev] New user introduction and proposal

Joaquín Ignacio Aramendía samsagax at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 23:09:40 EST 2011

Hi there!
	I'd like to introduce myself first then add a request/proposal with a
patch attached. I'm Joaquín from Argentina, I'm relatively new to Arch
but in this time I've been reading and reading and really I like this
community, I feel I'm learning every day. I don't think I could ever
move away from Arch or any other Arch-based distribution, and I've been
testing a few now.
	My proposal is not really big or even important (that why I'm
submitting a one-line patch) but for me is a way to sort some things
	I've noticed in the AUR that there are a bunch of categories, not
random or bad ones but kind of misleading in some ways. I don't even
know if people actually uses those categories when searching for
packages, but when someone submits a package of any sort, a category is
required. That's great actually, I like to tag things because they are
way easier to sort out and I could see some logic (please correct me if
I'm wrong) on those categories related with the package purpose:
There are categories related with some utilities, some related to
system, libraries, even with individual desktops environments, games.
But when it comes to art, there is only one category 'multimedia'. As
that's maybe related to some artistic data, is more related to utilities
to access or reproduce that data. Then when it comes to artistic
"viewable" data, and I mean icon sets, wallpapers, splash-screens, there
is no category that fits. For example: some icon theme is related to X11
but is not really an added functionality to it, maybe related to
multimedia but is not an utility to reproduce videos, audio or pictures;
it also could be attached to gnome, kde or lxde but is not as desktop
specific. Same things happen to splash screens and wallpapers. They are
Eyecandy for our beloved distribution.
So I was thinking about editing the categories list to add 'eyecandy' as
a way to enclose all icon-sets, splash-screens themes,
{gtk,metacity,shell,whatever}-themes, wallpapers and so on.

I hope I don't bother too much with this. So behold... the one line

Joaquín Ignacio Aramendía <samsagax at gmail.com>
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