[aur-dev] Notification System Overhaul

canyonknight canyonknight at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 18:30:56 EDT 2013

Hello all,

The current notification system for the AUR is lacking in features and
isn't too pretty on the code side of things. Before I try and finalize
the code I have, I wanted to lay out what I was planning for some

Right now the AUR only allows for notifications when a user adds a
comment. I would like users to have access to notifications for the
following package actions:
- New comments on packages
- Package updates
- Package adoption/orphaning
- Package deletion/merging

I think having the ability to select those 4 types of notifications
brings a lot more flexibility while not being overly complicated.

As for the AUR web interface changes, the package details page would
feature a link to modify that specific package's notifications. The
page would feature a list of all potential types of notifications the
user can subscribe to with a check box next to each option. The user
can then select all/some/none of the notifications for that specific

On the backend side of things, swiftmailer seems to be a decent choice
for sending the notifications. It is actively developed, has all the
features the AUR would really need, and has a nice interface on the
programming side of things. All the notification code mixed in with
package functions and the like could be ripped out allowing for easier
modification down the road.

Ideally the following bugs should be closed after everything is implemented:
FS#15412 - Send a notification when a package is orphaned or adopted
FS#19948 - Add whether or not I'm the maintainer to the aur-notify email su
FS#27687 - Merging packages does not transfer the notify list.
FS#30109 - email notification upon package update
FS#31850 - Send notification e-mails in preferred user language
FS#31851 - Overhaul e-mail notification system
FS#34843 - Make bugs/AUR messages more visible

Does anyone have anything major they would like to see out of the
notification system? Is there anything anyone disagrees with?



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