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Federico Cinelli cinelli.federico at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 23:33:40 EST 2013

On Wed, 27 Feb 2013 23:26:11 +0100, Alexander Rødseth <rodseth at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> 2013/2/27 Angel Velásquez <angvp at archlinux.org>:
> > For solving the problem right now -quick and dirty-, we just have to
> > add a validation (tsk tsk anyone who wants to sum contributions can
> > code this silly patch), if the user is suspended don't let him flag
> > the package and actually redirect him to the logout page (to kill
> > those cookies).
> Wouldn't he/she/they be able to just register more accounts and
> continue flagging packages this way?
> - Alexander
So everyone know's I've renamed this mystery person... the AUR-Bandit (in my

Adding to, what Alexander had mentioned, No matter what we do about the
AUR-Bandit. They (refering to any future AUR-Bandits out there as an entity)
find away around it. If not to do something silly/annoying, like flag all of
mine / gtmanfred's / whoever-elses aur packages out of date, then just to say
that they did. I don't know, maybe I just have little faith on people being

I mean it's the way it's always been I guess.
-First you had to just hit <enter>
-Then you had a click a box before you hit <enter>
-Then you had to click a box and make sure you scrolled through the entire bs
-they wanted you to read and hit <enter>
-Then came e-mail comfirmation
-Then captcha's
-Next you will have to do a forward roll, the macarena, turn the lightswitch
on/off 33 times, answer security question that asks: "What is your
great-great-great Aunt's best friend's, first stuffed animal called?" (and no
hints) /o\...

I think you see what I'm getting at.

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