[aur-dev] AUR 2.1.0 released

Nick Lanham nick at afternight.org
Tue Mar 19 14:15:05 EDT 2013

The typeahead suggest is great, but I would suggest that until I hit 
down arrow, it not actually do anything (this is how most typeahead 
systems work I believe).

For example, now, if I type "fo" and hit enter, I am left with a text 
box that says "focal" and no search is run, whereas I would expect this 
to simply search for "fo". To search for "fo" I have to type "fo" hit 
escape and then enter, which is counter-intuitive, at least for me.



On 03/18/2013 08:18 PM, Lukas Fleischer wrote:
> Changes since 2.0.1:
> * Typeahead suggest for packages.
> * Fix account editing and hijacking vulnerability.
> * Fix account privilege escalation vulnerability.
> * Clear a user's active sessions following account suspension.
> * Several translation fixes/updates.
> * pkgsubmit.php: Parse .AURINFO metadata.
> .AURINFO files can now be included in source packages to overwrite
> specific PKGBUILD fields. .AURINFO files are parsed line by line. The
> syntax for each line is "key = value", where key is any of the following
> field names:
> * pkgname
> * pkgver
> * pkgdesc
> * url
> * license
> * depend
> Multiple "depend" lines can be specified to add multiple dependencies.
> You can check the Git log [1] for a complete list of commits.
> The official Arch Linux AUR setup [2] has already been upgraded!
> [1] https://projects.archlinux.org/aur.git/log/?id=v2.1.0
> [2] https://aur.archlinux.org/

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