[aur-dev] Add a VCS field in the package details page

01walid 01walid at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 19:11:43 EST 2013


I'm new to this mailing list. and first of all, sorry if the idea I'm about
to introduce is repeated or annoying (discussed before), I just want to
suggest it.

*What I noticed:*

   - Many AUR package maintainers/submitter are developers, or at least
   have a VCS knowledge (and a Github, Bitbucket ..etc account)
   - Almost all AUR comments are just PKGBUILDs adjustments, suggestions,
   enhancement, fixes, new links/md5's or bug reports, written in the comment
   - Many updated PKGBUILDs do just what suggested in comments (not so
   DRY), just a copy and a past (the community is helping).
   - Many outdated PKGBUILDs are just outdated because the package owner is
   too busy to update it.

*What I suggest:*

Just an *optional* field to be added when submitting the package, where -if
available- the package submitter can add the PKGBUILD repo link (on Github,
bitbucket ..etc), the link is visible in the package details page. so when
the PKGBUILD is outdated or has a problem, the community can suggest pull
requests directly to the repo, and make the life easier for the package
If you want to go further (and I don't know how's that technically feasible
right now), you can make something that automatically pull the PKGBUILD
directly from the repo link (or the PKGBUILD file direct link from that

That's it, correct me if I'm just talking nonsense.

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