[aur-dev] AUR 3.0.0-rc1 released

Lukas Fleischer archlinux at cryptocrack.de
Wed Apr 30 18:20:08 EDT 2014

A first release candidate of the AUR 3.0.0 has been released! You can
give it a try at [1]. Note that due to internal changes, the setup at
aur-dev.archlinux.org uses a different database than aur.archlinux.org.
You should be able login using your regular AUR account, though.

The most important changes are:

* Full split package support.
* Support for {make,check,opt}depends, conflicts, provides, ...
* Full support for the new fields in the RPC interface.
* Metadata support. Use mkaurball instead of `makepkg --source` to
  generate source tarballs for the AUR`. You can get it from [2] -- it
  will eventually be moved to [community].

Note that in order to obtain the new fields, you need to request the new
version of the RPC API explicitly, like this:


Otherwise, the replies default to the old format for compatibility

Please report any bugs to the AUR bug tracker [3].

[1] https://aur-dev.archlinux.org/
[2] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/pkgbuild-introspection-git/
[3] https://bugs.archlinux.org/index.php?project=2

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