[aur-dev] pkgbase queries via RPC interface

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed Aug 13 00:56:00 EDT 2014


The RPC search, info and multiinfo methods return no data when the pkgbase is
passed as the argument.

I would like to discuss the following ideas:

A) Return all of the packages in the pkgbase for search, info and multiinfo
   queries. For search and multiinfo this would be natural. For info it would be
   left to the client to detect that the result is an array instead of an
   object and thus infer that the result is from a pkgbase (or simply add that
   data to a new field in the result object). With the advent of the query
   version parameter this should not be an issue for backwards compatibility.

B) Add a parameter to query pkgbase data (e.g. object=pkgbase) and return a
   JSON object with pkgbase-specific data (everything that still applies from
   regular package data, plus an array of the included packages). Given that
   there are AUR pages for pkgbases, it would be consistent to provide that
   data via the RPC interface.

I believe this would be very useful. What do you think? Would it be difficult?


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