[aur-dev] [aur-general] AUR 4.0.0 pre-alpha

Lukas Fleischer archlinux at cryptocrack.de
Mon Dec 29 21:28:04 UTC 2014

On Mon, 29 Dec 2014 at 22:16:45, Ido Rosen wrote:
> Will all existing AUR packages automatically get their own git
> repositories or will we have to resubmit all packages?
> [...]

Both. The current plan is as follows:

A couple of weeks before the official release of 4.0.0, I will reset the
setup on aur-dev.archlinux.org and create an empty Git repository for
each package that exists in the AUR at that moment. The package
maintainer will be retained so that nobody can take over anybody else's
package. AUR package maintainers are then asked to upload their packages
to aur-dev.archlinux.org and co-maintain them on aur.archlinux.org and
the Git repository on aur-dev.archlinux.org for some time (roughly four
weeks). Users who have already been using Git for their AUR packages can
add .SRCINFO to all commits and import the whole history.

At some point in time, I am going to remove all package bases that have
not been uploaded to aur-dev.archlinux.org and move everything from
aur-dev.archlinux.org to aur.archlinux.org. It is a huge AUR cleanup.

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