[aur-dev] Git repos for AUR packages

Sam Stuewe halosghost at archlinux.info
Wed Jan 8 15:45:49 EST 2014

On 2014-01-07 17:35, Daniel Albers wrote:
> On 07.01.2014 18:57, Lukas Fleischer wrote:
>> On Tue, 07 Jan 2014 at 13:50:42, 郑文辉 (Techlive Zheng) wrote:
>>> 2014/1/7 Lukas Fleischer <archlinux at cryptocrack.de>:
>>> 2. Each AUR user should be able to have its own fork of a perticular
>>> AUR package with a URL like this:
>>> http://aur.archlinux.org/account/john/packages/xyz.git.
I'm actually not sure this is such a great idea. It seems like that may 
lead to a ton of forks of a package for stylistic choice alone. I'm not 
sure what could serve as a good alternative.
>>> 3. The official Git HEAD for a AUR package is actually just a Git
>>> reference to maintainer's fork's HEAD, we just need to change this 
>>> Git
>>> reference if the maintainer changes. Each fork of a package should
>>> have its of votes which could be used to determine the maintainer for
>>> the official AUR package. And the on the official AUR package's PAGE,
>>> all the forks and their votes should be listed for the user to 
>>> choose.
This is a fine idea, but the TUs should still have full control when 
they need it (they should be able to delete a package('s repo) change 
maintainer, etc.
>>> This way, the job to maintain AUR will be more community driven, and
>>> the burden for TUs will be much less.
That sounds fine in theory, but the TUs are tasked with maintaining the 
ALUR, so this change (though it will make things more 
community-oriented) shouldn't hinder their ability to do so.

Overall, I'd love to have the ALUR moved to be much more integrated with 
Git (I think this recommendation may have actually been drawn from one I 
made in the BBS thread) since it would make so many things so much 

All the best,
Sam Stuewe (HalosGhost)

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