[aur-dev] [PATCH] mention aur-requests in home

Johannes Dewender arch at JonnyJD.net
Wed Jul 9 07:41:23 EDT 2014

Am 09.07.2014 13:25, schrieb Johannes Dewender:
> According to [1] the ML aur-requests should be used for requests now
> and not aur-general.
> However, aur.archlinux.org still tells to use aur-general for requests.
> I am personally subscribed to aur-general, but I disable emails
> 1-2 weeks after my requests are accepted and enable only
> right before making a new request.
> According to [2] I am not the only package maintainer doing it like that.
> So my point is, that many people will only learn about this change
> when they are told after making a request on aur-general.

Mineo told me that doing requests from the web UI is already live Oo.
More reason to not tell people to send requests to aur-general ;-)

I re-enabled receiving mails from aur-general. Now that most of the 
"noise" is gone.


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