[aur-dev] Git repositories for AUR packages

Lukas Fleischer archlinux at cryptocrack.de
Mon Jun 2 13:08:43 EDT 2014

Hi list,

The next major AUR release will come with Git integration. In this
email, I am going to summarize previous ideas and make things a bit more
concrete (sketch implementation details etc.)

If you are new to this topic, please read [1] and [2] first.

Our plan is to create one Git repository per package base. Each of the
Git repositories contains a PKGBUILD and zero or more additionally
required files, so you will no longer need to build a source tarball.
There will be a pkgbuild-introspection utility to generate and write
.AURINFO metadata without automatically putting that file inside the
tarball. Florian had the idea to use a shared Git object database for
space efficiency. 

When creating a new account, users will be able to upload an SSH public
key. This key will be stored in the AUR database and can also be changed
using the profile edit page. Using this public key, users will be able
to push to repositories they maintain using Git over SSH. For
authentication, a custom script doing a lookup in the AUR user database
will be used as AuthorizedKeysCommand. If a matching key is found, that
script prints the corresponding authorized_keys line with a forced
command that invokes a wrapper around the Git shell. That wrapper in
turn does authorization by checking maintainership and then calls

Using Git hooks, the .AURINFO metadata of a package is parsed when
pushing and the AUR package database is updated accordingly. Hooks will
also take care of checking the tree objects for huge files etc. The
receive.denyNonFastForwards configuration option will be enabled to
prevent users from rewriting the history.

In order to submit new packages, you will be able to generate empty Git
repositories via the AUR web interface. During the transition period,
all existing source tarballs will be converted to bare repositories with
one initial commit whose tree equals the tarball contents.

Instead of the source tarball download link and the PKGBUILD preview,
there will be a public clone URL on the package details page. In a
second step, cgit will be configured to provide a web-based interface to
all the repositories. Then, links to tarball snapshots and to the
PKGBUILD preview will be added to the details page as a replacement for
the "Download tarball" and "View PKGBUILD" links (all this is supposed
to happen before the first release).

As soon as all this is set up, we can add support for multiple
maintainers and related features.

If there are any questions or suggestions regarding this setup, please
feel free to ask/reply.


[1] https://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-dev/2013-March/002411.html
[2] https://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-dev/2014-January/002592.html

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