[aur-dev] Git repositories for AUR packages

Lukas Fleischer archlinux at cryptocrack.de
Thu Jun 5 03:50:29 EDT 2014

Hi Rémy,

On Tue, 03 Jun 2014 at 22:31:59, Rémy Marquis wrote:
> Thanks Lukas for the follow up, and also for the work achieved on AUR 3.0.0!


> > In order to submit new packages, you will be able to generate empty Git
> > repositories via the AUR web interface. During the transition period,
> > all existing source tarballs will be converted to bare repositories with
> > one initial commit whose tree equals the tarball contents.
> Does this mean that all existing source tarballs will obtain full
> .AURINFO metadata?
> This is especially important for external tools like helpers. As of
> AUR 3.0.0, it is difficult to use the dependencies info from the RPC
> interface to solve the dependency tree, since only the newly uploaded
> packages have the metadata generated.

Good question. It is unlikely that we will add .AURINFO metadata to each
package, since it would require rebuilding all source tarballs in the
AUR. I agree that the transition period is a bit messy but I don't think
we can do a lot better. Looking at the AUR statistics, however, it
should not take too long until the most (working and maintained)
packages are supplemented with metadata.

> Regards,
> R.


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