[aur-dev] Renaming the AUR

Lukas Fleischer archlinux at cryptocrack.de
Thu Jan 29 08:37:56 UTC 2015


Currently, we use the term "AUR" for both the collection of
user-supplied source packages and the software that helps with accessing
and modifying these packages which causes quite some misunderstandings.
Earlier, it was suggested to use "[unsupported]" for the collection of
packages and "AUR" for the software but I don't really like that
terminology (makes the source package repository look like a repository
of binary packages and calls the software "repository").

Here is what I suggest: Keep using the term "AUR" for the collection of
packages and rename the software to "aurweb" (borrowing from archweb).

What would need to be changed:

* The name of the aur.git repository would become aurweb.git.

* Several references in the AUR(web) source code need to be fixed, the
  header will still refer to the Arch User Repository.

* Some uses of "AUR" in the Arch wiki need to be brought in line with
  the new terminology.

Any other suggestions for a name? Is there anything I missed?

I already changed the name of the AUR project to "AUR web interface" on
Flyspray.  Maybe that helps with reducing the number of AUR package bug
reports in the tracker.


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