[aur-dev] [PATCH 2/2] Add search for keywords only

Lukas Fleischer lfleischer at archlinux.org
Sun Sep 20 19:16:04 UTC 2015

On Sun, 20 Sep 2015 at 20:14:08, Marcel Korpel wrote:
> * Lukas Fleischer <lfleischer at archlinux.org> (Sat, 19 Sep 2015 15:26:09
> +0200):
> > I wonder whether, instead of doing this, we should enable the keyword
> > search mode when searching by keywords only, i.e. use the default
> > search and drop the Packages.Name and Description conditions...
> You mean change the default search method to search for keywords only?
> I don't think I completely understand you.
> [...]

No, sorry for being vague. I am talking about using the more
sophisticated search mode that we use by default (i.e. for "Name,
Description") and that we call "keyword search" -- not to confuse with
searching for keywords only -- in the source code. One of the ideas of
that search mode is that users can type "command line calendar" to
search for packages containing all three keywords (as substrings).

Using that advanced search for a "keywords only" search probably
requires some code refactoring, though.


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