aur-dev mailing list configuration changes regarding subject prefix and Reply-To header

Florian Pritz bluewind at
Mon Dec 4 13:34:51 UTC 2017


The aur-dev mailing list will no longer change common headers in mails
that are being distributed. This especially means that the subject will
no longer contain the [aur-dev] prefix and the list will not rewrite the
reply-to header.

If you want to filter mails coming from this list, please use the
List-Id header.

If you wish to reply to a mail from the list, use the "Reply to List"
function of your mail client if available.

This changes ensure that DKIM signatures remain valid if a mail passes
through the list. If the mails were changed and the sender domain
publishes a DMARC policy an invalid signature would lead to the mail
being rejected by providers checking DMARC. To prevent this, the list
previously rewrote the sender, but this makes it difficult to import
patches with git am. By Lukas' request the list behaviour is now changed.

If you experience any problems with this change, please feel free to
contact me.


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