[aur-dev] aurweb 4.6.0 release preparations

Lukas Fleischer lfleischer at archlinux.org
Thu Nov 2 17:23:52 UTC 2017


Since the AUR ToS documents are still being reviewed and I do not expect
any major progress within the next couple of weeks, I would like to
release 4.6.0 before the documents are polished (against my original
plans to synchronize the aurweb release with the ToS release). Apart
from proper ToS support, the current development version includes some
nice features such as Markdown support in comments as well as some bug

There is one change, namely commit d9883ee (mkpkglists: Generate a list
of user names, 2017-08-01), which might be a bit controversial as-is. It
extends the public interface to provide a list of user names (just the
account names, no real name). Some members of our team expressed their
concerns with making such a change without informing all registered
users. Therefore, I would like to send an automated email to all
registered AUR accounts, informing them on the change and giving them
the chance to opt-out of the feature by deleting their accounts (all
accounts with any kind of activity already reveal their user names, so
people potentially concerned about making their user name publicly
visible do not need their accounts anyway).

Here is a draft:

    Dear AUR user,

    The next aurweb release, which will be released on 2017-12-03,
    includes a public interface to obtain a list of account names of all
    registered users. This means that, starting on 2017-12-03, your user
    name (only the account name you specified when registering, not your
    real name) will be visible to the general public.

    If you do not agree to this change, please delete your account by
    logging into the AUR web interface, going to your account details
    page and clicking the account deletion link before 2017-12-03.

    Thanks for using the AUR!

    The AUR Development Team

If have any objections/improvements, please let me know.


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