Searching the AUR API by dependent packages?

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at
Sun Jan 28 00:24:29 UTC 2018

On 28-01-18, Baptiste Jonglez wrote:
> I wanted to use the AUR API to list packages that depend on a specific
> package.  But it seems that the API does not implement this kind of
> search.
> The use-case is the following: when I bump a package in [community],
> I would like to list all packages in the AUR that potentially need a
> rebuild.
> Would this be a welcome addition to the API?  If it is, I may try to hack
> this myself (but I have no guarantee about available time, and I stopped
> writing PHP and raw SQL years ago)
> The API I have in mind is the following:
>     /rpc/?type=search&by=depends&arg=ocaml → returns all packages that depend on ocaml
>     /rpc/?type=search&by=makedepends&arg=ocaml → returns all packages that make-depend on ocaml
>     /rpc/?type=search&by=optdepends&arg=ocaml → returns all packages that opt-depend on ocaml

So actually, this was not so hard to implement: RFC patch is incoming.
Review welcome!

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