[PATCH] RPC: Allow to search packages by "*depends" fields

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Wed Jan 31 20:00:08 UTC 2018

Thanks for the new review!  I have sent a v2 PATCH, comments inline below.

On 29-01-18, Lukas Fleischer wrote:
> > diff --git a/web/lib/aurjson.class.php b/web/lib/aurjson.class.php
> > index 9eeaafd..30bdc89 100644
> > --- a/web/lib/aurjson.class.php
> > +++ b/web/lib/aurjson.class.php
> > @@ -17,7 +17,8 @@ class AurJSON {
> >                 'suggest-pkgbase', 'get-comment-form'
> >         );
> >         private static $exposed_fields = array(
> > -               'name', 'name-desc', 'maintainer'
> > +               'name', 'name-desc', 'maintainer',
> > +               'depends', 'makedepends', 'checkdepends', 'optdepends'
> Just another idea: maybe we can put the new fields in a separate array
> $exposed_depfields and merge that array into $exposed_fields upon
> initialization. Then we would not need to hardcode them again in the
> in_array() check below.

I have moved the new fields to a variable $exposed_depfields, it indeed
makes things slightly easier to read.  However, I think that merging the
two arrays later in the code would be rather confusing for the reader
(because at first glance, the dependency fields would seem to be absent
from $exposed_fields).

> This is a bit unfortunate, indeed. Can we, instead of doing this, use a
> subselect? Something like the following statement might work:
>     $keyword_string IN (SELECT PackageDepends.DepName FROM PackageDepends
>                         LEFT JOIN DependencyTypes
>                         ON PackageDepends.DepTypeID = DependencyTypes.ID
>                         WHERE PackageDepends.PackageID = Packages.ID
>                         AND DependencyTypes.Name = $search_string)

Excellent idea, and it even worked on the first try!  It simplifies the
code a lot, and performance-wise it should be roughly similar to a JOIN,
possibly a bit slower (from what I could read on various stack overflow

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