[PATCH] feat(rpc): return "providers" packages when querying by `name` or `name-desc`

尤立宇 afg984 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 03:12:21 UTC 2018

> An alpm_find_satisifier equivilent is what I want too, thing is once you get
> the package names from that alpm_find_satisifier equivelent what are you
> going to do with thoes names? Probably call "info" on all of them. So why
> not skip that step and just have info support it.
> Yes point b is what I was thinking. info("foo") would return "foo" because
> it matches by name, and it would also return "foo-git" because it provides
> "foo". Maybe it would be &type=info&by[]=provides&by[]=name rather than just
> "info". Point being you still get the same hunk of json that info gets you.
> Would your type=provides return just package names or the same stuff info
> does? If its the latter it's the same as what I want but under a different
> name.
I'm convinced that just putting that into info would be better.
Looking at the code also shows that adding by[]=provides is easier to implement
as it fits better to the current architecture.

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