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Fri Aug 9 23:17:31 UTC 2019

On 8/9/19 5:13 PM, Паша wrote:
> Hey guys!
> Am I wrong or package kodi-devel-bin really breaks guidelines? It looks
> like it compiles kodi from scratch every time

It is illegitimately named, because it is the devel version of
"kodi-bin" (the community package) -- not a binary version of kodi-devel.

"kodi-bin" is also wrongly named, because it is the x11 version of
"kodi-wayland", and should therefore be named "kodi-x11"

Also, the aur-dev mailing list is for people who are developing the
aurweb software which runs the aur.archlinux.org website -- for general
discussion about AUR packages, you should use the aur-general list.

Eli Schwartz
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