Django-hosted aurweb Proposal

Kevin Morris kevr.gtalk at
Sun Feb 17 01:21:56 UTC 2019

To whom it may concern,

The following is a proposal for a Django-hosted aurweb application. It is
meant to be a drop-in replacement for; effectively
cloning its user interface and capabilities into a Python Django extension.

Following, I would like to put
together a new aurweb.

The current revamped version of archweb runs inside of a django server as a
django extension (or app). I would like to do this same thing for `aurweb`.
The new django `aurweb` shall support all of the current v1-6 capabilities
that aurweb provides, as well as the front-end user website located at It shall be an exact clone from the user's

The major differences between maintaining a PHP vs Django server would be
that the Django server would be:


   Integrated with any Django server and easily removed.

   Developed via Python, which has vastly more support and familiarity than
   PHP within the community.

   Django models, which greatly reduce the complexity of SQL queries inside
   of `aurweb` backend.

   Baked-in extendable templates with templatetags.

   View decorators which enforce requirements of a specific route. No more
   manually handling $http_data user errors.

   Everybody loves Python; there will most likely be many more code-base
   contributions in Python than in PHP.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this. If approved, I would love to
begin this project within the next few weeks.



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