[PATCH] Display warning when flagging VCS packages

Bruno Pagani bruno.n.pagani at gmail.com
Sat May 25 22:56:29 UTC 2019

Le 26/05/2019 à 00:52, Lukas Fleischer a écrit :
>>>>> +/**
>>>>> + * Determine whether a package base is (or contains a) VCS package
>>>>> + *
>>>>> + * @param int $base_id The ID of the package base
>>>>> + *
>>>>> + * @return bool True if the package base is/contains a VCS package
>>>>> + */
>>>>> +function pkgbase_is_vcs($base_id) {
>>>>> +     $suffixes = array("-cvs", "-svn", "-git", "-hg", "-bzr", "-darcs");
>>>> What about false positives and missing items like -nightly’s? I think it
>>>> would be a good time to implement FS#56602, auto-seed the value
>>>> depending on your above list and let maintainers override this.
>>> Yes, there are false positives and false negatives. That is why we only
>>> display a warning and do not automatically disable the feature for VCS
>>> packages. Read the comments in FS#62733 for details.
>> All I’ve read was the same thing as before regarding the impossibility
>> to correctly detect all VCS packages and just them, but I did not see
>> why manual override wouldn’t be an option. ;) Regarding false positives,
>> without override possibility they will be misleading to users, so I
>> don’t agree on “it’s OK because we are not plainly disabling the
>> feature”. Also for me the strongest reason to not disable the feature
>> for VCS packages is rather because it is still useful even for those, as
>> stated by Eli. :)
> We could tune the message and say "This seems to be a VCS package."

That could work, yes. Let’s do this. ;)

> I would prefer to keep this very simple. That message is just for
> convenience and not really an essential part of the AUR.

I definitively understand that. :)

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