list of package names, versions[, descriptions]

Greg Minshall minshall at
Tue Oct 1 21:33:58 UTC 2019


thanks again.

> You need information on *every* package? Not just the ones you use? Technically
> in your script, you can query pacman for the foreign packages, then compare to
> an RPC response (and info can take multiple packages, just check the wiki),
> then take action on those specific packages. I don't see the need to have
> information on every single PKGBUILD on the AUR.

yes, my *desire* is to have info on all packages, so i can search
locally (especially the descriptions) when wondering what might be
available.  i don't know if that seems unreasonable, but it is what i
was hoping to achieve.

and, thanks for reminding me -- i did once know that "info" requests
allow multiple packages.  there is some limit, though i don't remember
what.  still, the number of separate RPCs would likely be in the

cheers, Greg

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