list of package names, time...

Greg Minshall minshall at
Wed Oct 2 19:12:26 UTC 2019



> The package details key "last modified" is indeed updated to the time of
> the latest push to the package's git repository, see

> So this would be a valid method for guaranteeing cache invalidation.

ah, great.

so, my amended request would be for a packages-time.gz file (or,
something of that ilk).  if possible, that would be great.

cheers, Greg

ps -- some sizes:

280K packages-sorted.gz     packages.gz gunzip'd, sort'd, gzip'd
308K packages-date.gz       the 8 "date" digits are exactly the same on each line
344K packages.gz            a recent packages.gz
636K packages-8md5sum.gz    the 8 "date" digits are *completely* random (from md5sum)
1.5M packages-md5sums.gz    the 36 "md5sum" digits are completely random

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