Append latest commit link to package update notification

Daniel M. Capella polyzen at
Thu Apr 30 19:26:08 UTC 2020

On April 30, 2020 10:52:34 AM EDT, Amin Vakil <info at> wrote:
> I have emailed this 10 days ago in aur-general and as there hasn't
> been
> a response to it, I wondered maybe aur-general mailing list is the
> wrong
> place to open this issue, therefore:
> Arch Linux Wiki has said explicitly that they don't have any
> responsibilities about what a package in AUR does and they also say
> that
> it's mandatory to read and understand PKGBUILD (or any other file or
> patch that a installation requires) before installing any package.
> But when a package gets updated and those who have enabled
> notifications
> want to update the package, they should (I would say everyone must)
> click on package page, view changes, and click on latest commit to see
> what has changed.
> So appending latest commit link "helps" and "encourages" people to
> check
> latest update and I don't think in any possible way has a downside
> except for a little more text to email which I assume it's OK.
> Best Regards,
> Amin Vakil

IIRC when I had suggested this feature previously, it had gotten a thumbs up, just requires someone take the time to write the code.

Daniel <>

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