[PATCH] migrate the database schema to SQLAlchemy

Frédéric Mangano-Tarumi fmang at mg0.fr
Sat Feb 22 22:28:25 UTC 2020

Lukas Fleischer [2020-02-22 22:43:31 +0100]
> > +5) Create a new MySQL database and a user and import the aurweb SQL schema:
> > +
> > +    $ python -m aurweb.initdb
> > +
> I noticed that this step is slightly confusing: the command must be
> executed from the aurweb/ subdirectory, not the top-level directory of
> the project.

Could you please try running `python -m aurweb.initdb --help` from the
top-level directory, then in the aurweb subdirectory? In a vanilla
setup, only the former works for me.

By the way, I think we should add a step for installing the aurweb
Python package between 2) and 4) in TESTING. Running `pip install -e .`
installs aurweb in develop mode which ensures aurweb is importable
everywhere without forcing developers to reinstall the package everytime
the code changes.

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