Automating cleanup of AUR

Brett Cornwall ainola at
Sat Dec 11 02:55:50 UTC 2021

The requests queue is getting pretty filled with requests for packages 
that quite clearly have been abandoned with no chance of them ever 
becoming useful. It can be pretty exhausting to keep up with that queue!

In particular, there's a lot of "low-hanging fruit" packages that can be 
pruned from the AUR: Orphaned, 0 votes, last updated years ago packages 
are hardly worth keeping around, are they?

Has such a conversation popped up before? I didn't find anything in the 
archives past the patch by Lukas enabling automatic orphaning of an OOD 
package after 180 days. [1]

If automatically deleting packages on a schedule isn't welcome, would it 
make sense to at least explore a patch wherein a deletion request for 
e.g. an orphaned package/<10 votes/last updated >=2 years ago is 
automatically accepted?

That would alleviate a lot on both the dedicated requesters helping out 
as well as those working the queue.


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