[aur-general] Sponsoring Timm Preetz for TU

Bjørn Lindeijer bjorn at lindeijer.nl
Fri Dec 7 10:20:22 EST 2007

Hello everybody!

A few days ago, Timm Preetz (known as gummibaerchen on the AUR and 
forums) let me know that he was interested in becoming a TU to help 
keeping packages up to date as well as maintaining his current AUR 
packages to community. He is currently maintaining the following 
packages in AUR:


I have checked his packages and found some small issues like custom 
variables and missing categories, and Timm was quick to resolve those. 
In my opinion he shows that he has not only the skills to be a TU but 
also the necessary attention to details, so I will sponsor him.

This email hereby opens the discussion period of 5 days!

His introduction to me:

My motivation to become a TU is mostly due to the fact
that I get simply annoyed by outdated packages (may it be the 64bit-port
or the PKGBUILD in AUR in general).
When I first installed Arch Linux I was impressed how up to date the
packages were. But now 'digging deeper' (into AUR) I see lots of
outdated packages or incomplete PKGBUILDs (licence missing for example).
As these are issues that are often discussed I thought it would be good
to get the hands on myself.
There no point in 'mirroring' and updating PKGBUILDs on my HDD and have
no way to give anything of my changes back and therefore indirectly
force other people who want recent packages to do the same.

So my idea was, that I could become a TU and 'collect orphaned
packages' (so I just have to contact the 'actual' maintainer to ask
what's up if a package isn't updated for long and don't have to bug one
of the other TUs for orphaning packages). There is also a good number of
outdated packages in AUR that I would maintain myself.

Also this would give me the opportunity to share my 64-bit binary
packages if they're needed for community.

My main areas that I am currently interested in (and therefore have the
most PKGBUILDs of) are docs, bindings and 'composited stuff'.

One more to add: For the java-gnome packages for example I also worked
together with the upstream maintainer to get the configure script
working properly on Arch, and having install-instructions on their
website. This is also something I would repeat for other packages
whenever needed.

Coming to myself, there is not too much to say. I am born in the 9th of
February in 1990, male, German, visiting a grammar school and having
math and physics as honours.
Despite of the distro I am an absolutely GNOME/GTK/GObject-Fan, Python
and Java programmer and LaTeX writer.
In my (technical) spare time I'm actually mostly working on a 2D racing
game using Clutter and improve algorithms we worked out in the CS-class.




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