[aur-general] Enforcing TU Bylaws

Vesa Kaihlavirta vpkaihla at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 02:35:25 EST 2007

I wrote a couple of mails to this list, but seems like I had a wrong email
address registered to the ML so none of my messages got through the
filters.  Incidentally, none of my votes have gone through either.

Here's a digest:

You don't bother being
> involved with the selection of new Trusted Users? Unless you're marked
> explicitly as inactive you shouldn't be able to skip votes because
> you're not bothered.

No, no no. We cannot force people to vote, that also means that the vote

>From the very beginning, I felt uneasy about that part of the bylaws, but I
accepted it since I did not think anyone would think of enforcing it unless
things get very bad.

Perhaps we should change that bylaw?

[and on another mail]

The most important function of a TU is making packages to a central
repository that people trust. It is why the whole thing exists, is it not?
For me personally, this arrangement has worked excellently exactly because I
have been able to concentrate solely on the work. In fact, this is why Arch
Linux has worked excellently. It is mostly clean of BS, and so are we.

Instead of going into a flamewar (which I admit inciting a bit), perhaps we
should try a more positive approach to the problem, which is not "How can we
punish those uppity drones" but "Why don't the drones vote?"  I usually
don't vote when the applicant is somebody I don't know. In that case, my
vote would be random whatever the case.  What is the point in forcing
uninformed people to vote?

--vk aka vegai
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