[aur-general] Functional Test - List rename

Bjørn Lindeijer bjorn at lindeijer.nl
Wed Nov 28 03:57:12 EST 2007


Travis Willard wrote:
> On Nov 27, 2007 4:43 PM, Mathias Burén <mathias.buren at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Aye, works fine. (btw, should replies to above or below message?)
> Generally, all mailing-list replies should go below their contextual
> quotes.  Since I'm sure someone will quote it here, I may as well:
> A: Because it breaks the user's natural reading order.
> Q: Why is top-posting bad?
> Or some derivative thereof.

Seriously though, I think replies below other messages only makes sense 
if either that message was very short, or you're replying to specific 
paragraphs, in which case you write your stuff beneath each such 
paragraph. If you're replying to a long messages with another one 
without specifically addressing certain paragraphs, then the previous 
message is simply included for reference and it becomes plain annoying 
when this message is put on top.

In my humble opinion, of course.


(and this messages also completes my part of the aur-general functional 
list rename test...)

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