[aur-general] stepping down

Vinay S Shastry vinayshastry at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 11:12:18 EDT 2008

Hello dear TUs,

Life's calling, I've gotta go! :)

Busy days are here, lots of work, lots to study. Bylaws suggest that TU should 
step down if planning on going inactive for more than 2 months (which I am). 
It's been a pleasure being involved with the tu community for almost 2 years. 

After qt4 got into extra, there has not been much to maintain. Also, I 
recently updated my few packages (i686 only) without licenses to include it. 
So, not much trouble from my side I hope!

Here's a list of packages I maintain for your ready reference. Please snatch 
as much as possible ;)

community daemons openssh-chroot 4.7p1-2
community devel astyle 1.21-2
community devel tcc 0.9.23-4
community emulators i8086emu 0.9.2-4
community kde kde-adblock-improvement 0.0.5-3
community kde kompose 0.5.4-2
community kde rsibreak 0.8.0-2
community lib beecrypt 4.1.2-3
community lib python-magic 4.21-1
community multimedia mp3info 0.8.5a-1
community multimedia qmpdclient 1.0.8-2
community multimedia swftools 0.8.1-1
community multimedia xmms-itouch 0.1.2-1
community network bmon 2.1.0-2
community network knetstats 1.6.1-1
community network reddo 0.1.5-1
community office freemind 0.8.1-1
community office kchmviewer 3.1-3
community office kdissert 1.0.7-1
community science wxmaxima 0.7.4-1
community system coreutils-info 6.10-1
community system ncrypt 0.6.11-1

unsupported devel eclipse-kde 0-1
unsupported network kasablanca
unsupported network ymessenger
unsupported system rar 3.7.1-3
unsupported system rpm
unsupported x11 kdestyle-thinkeramik 3.2.1-1

Vinay S Shastry

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