[aur-general] New packages, quick question Re: proposals

Ivy Foster ivy.foster at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 18:18:21 EDT 2008

Hi, folks...

I started using Arch about a month ago, and recently decided it might
be good to (a) pick up orphaned packages I find useful (1 so far) and
(b) upload new packages that might be useful. Therefore, I've adopted
the ps annotator flpsed and submitted a few packages for clisp that
are either built in to sbcl (asdf, asdf-install) or were packaged
specifically for sbcl on AUR (cl-ppcre, stumpwm).

That brings me to my question. If I wanted to, say, submit a clisp
module/library packaging standards proposal, would I just write it up
and send it here? Basically, I'd like to see a few things happen,
particularly in regards to packaging programs for specific lisp
implementations when they don't need to be (I'd be fine seeing the
packages I uploaded merged with someone else's PKGBUILD, for example)
and in regards to where things get put, just so things don't end up
being all haphazard.

Thanks a lot!

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