[aur-general] Should I bring rpm/dkpg to community

Neil Darlow neil at darlow.co.uk
Sun Apr 6 07:12:02 EDT 2008


Allan McRae wrote:
> Well, I seem to have a fairly negative reaction on average so far...

Perhaps pragmatic would be a better assessment.

> I just want to point out that if a user wants to install a rpm/deb 
> package, all the tools are in extra/community already.

But while they're not in Community, they are labelled Unsupported. I'm 
just thinking of the potential for breakage that can occur when people 
start mixing packages from foreign distributions with those of Arch and 
start complaining when it doesn't work.

You can always use the "Not Supported" card but if they're in Community 
then there is the suggestion that these mechanisms are supported.

Neil Darlow

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