[aur-general] whoops

Jason Tarbet nochternus at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 16:51:36 EDT 2008

So I've been having an issue with uploading only one of my packages, the
others seem to be fine.  I have(had) the zaptel package and for several
weeks now have been trying to update the package with the newest version
(kept getting a failure to create the directory error.  Today I tried what
somebody on flyspray (or the mailing list, I forget) had suggested, which
was to delete the package and try to re-upload.  Well, that yielded same
results and now there is no package to even comment on.

Once the package is deleted, is it gone forever, or are their little bits of
information left about it?  I don't care about votes or anything, there were
only 5 anyway, I just want to know if we could figure out why even with the
package gone there was an error about creating the directory.

Also there is no "are you sure" option for deleting so if you erroneously
click delete, there is no recovery.  Even a check box near the button would
be ok.

Any information/help would be useful!

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