[aur-general] Holidays

DaNiMoTh jjdanimoth at gmail.com
Sat Aug 2 06:05:05 EDT 2008

I'm going to the Italian Swimming Championship, then I'll go on
holidays ( finally ) until... until... I don't know.

Many things are changed from my application as a TU; I think I never
come back, but who knows? So, this time is only for my absence. I know
that there is a limits ( 3 months, am I right? ). I hope before
November I take my decision... if not, I will be dropped

Feel free to take any of my packages from now, don't wait. But I would
like that compiz goes to extra. Maybe Monday ( the last day that I
have internet here ) I could help to move some useless packages to

Finally, many thanks to ( random order ):
- tpowa, the first that answer to my noob questions ( I know, those
was other day, when the main reply wasn't: " Patch welcome " );
- molok and voidnull, that help me when I need help;
- Italian #archlinux channel on Azzurra Network, I won't forget the
time we have passed togheter ( maybe I will join, sometimes..  );
- Simo, Dan for the great arrogance that they use;
- All the person who contribuiting with comments or bugreport to my packages.

Maybe I forget someone; in this case, don't worry, I will remember you
in the future, and I will repair with a beer :D

Good luck to all.

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