[aur-general] TU Vote: Daenyth

Anders Bergh anders1 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 10:28:53 EDT 2008

Hello TUs,

The voting period for Daenyth is now over.

The votes are: yes - 16, no - 2, abstain - 3, which means he reached a quorum!

To Daenyth:

1. Send the output of "htpasswd -n <userid>" to Simo (htpasswd is
included in the apache package)

2. Contact Eric to change your user group on the forums

3. Make sure your sponsor (me) has given you TU status on AUR

4. Ask some TU (me) for the #archlinux-tu key

5. Add yourself to http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Trusted_Users

6. Read the TU and AURtools guidelines again:


7. If you're not a Trusted User on the bug tracker within two days,
report it as a bug to Roman

8. If you need access to a x86_64 build machine, ask Aaron (when it
comes back online)

9. That should be all :)

Welcome to the team!


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