[aur-general] a package seems to be orphan, can i adopt it ?

max-k maxk69 at free.fr
Tue Aug 12 11:26:57 EDT 2008

the package is mtag.
it doesn't build with taglib 1.5, the develloper of this soft has send me the answer to this problem :

only replace this line :

if test "$TAGLIB_VER" != "1.4"; then

by this one :

if test "$TAGLIB_VER" != "1.5"; then

it's in the 27th line of `configure.ac' file

I want to update this package, is it possible ?

I specify that i've already send an e-mail to the maintainer, two weeks ago, to explain him what happends but he haven't corrected his PKGBUILD.

max-k <maxk69 at free.fr>

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