[aur-general] Applying for TU-ship

stefan-husmann at t-online.de stefan-husmann at t-online.de
Tue Aug 19 16:42:04 EDT 2008


 my name is Stefan Husmann, I am 40 years old and live near Hanover in
 Germany. I am working for a big ITC company as system administrator
 and in projects.

 I was encouraged by Ángel Velásquez to  apply for TU-status. With this
 mail I want to do that.

 At the time I maintain 108 packages in AUR. Not all of them were
 written my me, but some of them I made after package requests on
 archlinux.org. Also I am active in the forums at archlinux.org and

 I consider myself still being in a learning phase. Two months or so I
 was not able to do a proper patching of packages, now I am. So
 packaging is a hobby to me now.

 I only own a i686 computer, have no experience with the x86_64
 architecture. Building packages for both arches seems a lot of work to
 me, especially if you are bound to a remote machine. So as a TU I
 would have to concentrate a bit more on really important packages. But
 on the other hand it is hard for me to see orphaned packages lying
 around, an often I pick them. :)

 In the forums i act under my real name, in AUR I have a nick, haawda.
 I can change that if you mind.

 I speak german, english and  with the help of dictionaries and a lot
 of time I might decrypt a french text also.

 Please consider voting for me.

 Sincerely Stefan

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