[aur-general] Applying for TU-ship

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 17:03:12 EDT 2008

On 8/19/08, stefan-husmann at t-online.de <stefan-husmann at t-online.de> wrote:
>  At the time I maintain 108 packages in AUR. Not all of them were
>  written my me, but some of them I made after package requests on
>  archlinux.org. Also I am active in the forums at archlinux.org and
>  archlinux.de.

I haven't checked them yet, I'll do so later. I see a lot of these
packages have few votes, I assume you don't plan to move them all to

>  I consider myself still being in a learning phase. Two months or so I
>  was not able to do a proper patching of packages, now I am. So
>  packaging is a hobby to me now.
>  I only own a i686 computer, have no experience with the x86_64
>  architecture. Building packages for both arches seems a lot of work to
>  me, especially if you are bound to a remote machine. So as a TU I
>  would have to concentrate a bit more on really important packages. But
>  on the other hand it is hard for me to see orphaned packages lying
>  around, an often I pick them. :)
It is not really a lot of work to build on a remove machine. It only
takes little more time compared to building on your local machine.
Just take as many packages as you can do, but please try to build them
for both architectures at times that there is a build machine
available. Are you willing to do so?

You said you want to concentrate on really important packages. That
brings up the million dollar question: what are really important
packages in your eyes?

>  In the forums i act under my real name, in AUR I have a nick, haawda.
>  I can change that if you mind.
It does not really matter, though it may be convenient  if people do
not use too many different names ;)


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