[aur-general] Rolands questions to my TU appliance

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Tue Aug 19 18:41:26 EDT 2008

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Subject: Re: [aur-general] Applying for TU-ship
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>On 8/19/08, stefan-husmann at t-online.de <stefan-husmann at t-online.de>
>>  At the time I maintain 108 packages in AUR. Not all of them were
>>  written my me, but some of them I made after package requests on
>>  archlinux.org. Also I am active in the forums at archlinux.org and
>>  archlinux.de.

>I haven't checked them yet, I'll do so later. I see a lot of these
>packages have few votes, I assume you don't plan to move them all to

No, surely not. There are some -git, -cvs, -svn packages among them.
Some packages do not need compilation, so 
users won't benefit too much from having it in a repo.

>It is not really a lot of work to build on a remove machine. It only
>takes little more time compared to building on your local machine.
>Just take as many packages as you can do, but please try to build them
>for both architectures at times that there is a build machine
>available. Are you willing to do so?

I am willing to do so. Maybe I will need some help at the beginning.

>You said you want to concentrate on really important packages. That
>brings up the million dollar question: what are really important
>packages in your eyes?

You really want to give me a million dollar if I answer that question?

Just kidding. The votes are a good hint. But sometimes a package gets
few votes because it fullfils a special task or addresses a small

I do not have a list of packages yet I want to put in community. But
fotoxx or xaralx
could be a candidate.


Thank you for your reply.


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