[aur-general] 500 Haskell packages now in AUR

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Aug 20 13:45:56 EDT 2008

> On Wednesday 20 August 2008 14:09:14 Ray Rashif wrote:
> > Why not? It just takes a few keen hands, and some time (: Few months ago
> > when I was learning Python I built quite a bunch of them from PyPi but they
> > never made it into unsupported because it was one huge mess.
> >
> > How about a VCS repo alongside the binary offering? Call it the PyArch
> > project. Or ArchPy. Or Pytharchoras....
> I think I will give a try this weekend. Building a PyPI package for Arch is 
> trivial, and reading the dependency info is very easy, so I will just try to 
> do it.
> If it works... great. If it doesn't... then we start again with more hands :-)

For what it's worth, I think the principle of "more automation, less hands" is worth following.
If you do it right, no human intervention will be needed.

Looking at the design of cabal2arch,


It has to do a few things. But if you get those right, it's hands off:

    * Have a canonical name for each haskell library dependency.
        i.e. Cabal -> haskell-cabal

    * Have a lookup table to map C libraires to their Arch package names

        translationTable = M.fromList
            [("Imlib2",     "imlib2")
            ,("SDL",        "sdl")
            ,("alut",       "freealut")
            ,("bz2",        "bzip2")
            ,("cblas",      "blas")
            ,("crack",      "cracklib")
            ,("crypto",     "openssl")
            ,("curl",       "curl")
            ,("freetype",   "freetype2")
            ,("glib",       "glib2")
            ,("wmflite",    "libwmf")
            ,("il",         "devil")
            ,("jpeg",       "libjpeg")

    * And remember what Haskell dependencies are installed by default, and can
      be omitted from the build system.

So, basically, parse the source spec file, and construct a data type
representing the PKGBUILD,

    data PkgBuild =
        { arch_pkgname      :: String
        , arch_pkgver       :: Version
        , arch_pkgrel       :: !Int
        , arch_pkgdesc      :: String
        , arch_arch         :: ArchList ArchArch
        , arch_url          :: String
        , arch_license      :: ArchList License
        , arch_makedepends  :: ArchList ArchDep
        , arch_depends      :: ArchList ArchDep
        , arch_source       :: ArchList String
        , arch_md5sum       :: ArchList String
        , arch_build        :: [String]
        , arch_install      :: Maybe String
        , arch_options      :: ArchList ArchOptions

The job is then to just tranlsate the native package format into this
structure, and pretty print the result.

Most of the tedium is in maintaining the list of Arch names for C libraries.

-- Don

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