[aur-general] Applying for TU-ship

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 16:06:55 EDT 2008

>>Please try to keep the discussion in one thread and don't start a new
>>one for every question you get. Besides that, you misspelled my name
> Sorry.

nah, don't worry.

>>- '# Adopted by:' is no valid field. See for example autoaur
> Will change it to another Contributor line.
>>-  A lot of packages have only arch=('i686') set. Please try to verify
>>if it also works on x86_64.
> How can I do that? I have no access to a x86_64 machine. If a user
> reports that he successfully compiled it, I add the architecture to the
> arch-array.
yes that is okay. Maybe post a comment where you ask for that would be
a good idea (maybe you already did, I didn't check).

>>- In biblatex you can create the directories with one install command
>>install -d
>>Same yields for biblatex-dw.
> I know that, but I do not think that this is convenient. In the way with
> the three lines it is easier to understand I think.

okay. it wasn't really wrong. It's just I'm one of those lazy guys ;)

>>- In biblatex, LPPL is a custom license, so the license field should
>>license=('custom: LPPL'). Same for biblatex-dw
> LPPL is a common license. I made a feature request about that some time
> ago.

big oops. Sorry for that.

>>- in bmeps: license field should read license=('BSD') not custom:BSD
> The same may apply for dklibs, i guess.

probably. I haven't looked any further. Most likely a number of the
comments I gave you come back in the other package, but I think you
got the point and you're willing to learn, which is a good thing.
Guess I can leave the rest of the packages to you :)



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